Clarive SE 7.0.10 Release Notes

Release date: 5 December 2017

We’re pleased to present our latest Clarive SE product release: 7.0.10. This release contains a number of minor fixes and improvements from 7.0.9. We are also excited that this release includes two unique brand new features.

Feature Highlights

  • Custom Kanban swimlanes

  • User Inteface enhancements

Custom Kanban swimlanes

The Clarive DevOps Kanban is the most flexible and comprehensive board for managing and tracking delivery. In this release we are including a substantial representation improvement: Now you can create and customize your own swimlanes.

Custom swimlanes can be defined only by the board owner. Users can either clone a board or notify the owner if they want to customize a swimlane

Configuration has been made simple: You can select the fields that you want to use as swimlane and select the values that can be used as a lane in the Kanban board.

In 7.0.10 introduces a new type of swimlane, release parent topic.

With this you can get for example a quick glimpse of what features are included in each release by simply opening the board. Of course, you can filter according your preferences in swimlane mode.

Kanban boards allow dragging and dropping of topics from one lane to another across all swimlanes. Such an event, as expected, will update topic data and relationships automatically.

Kanban view with parent topic swimlane can allow you move topics from one Sprint/Release to another one easily.

User Interface enhancements

User experience is key for us, so the product team is continually focusing on how to improve the Clarive interface and UX. At present we are making small changes such as increasing menu paddings, buttons redesign, and overall layout distribution. Our greatest effort in UI enhancements in this release has gone into improving two screens: the job monitor and the topic list.

In the pipeline Monitor you can now even more easy identify the relations between code, topics, environment and deployments, job-by-job, with links to log data, generated artefacts and job profiling and scheduling information.

With the new right side row action menu we simplified the job action UI and the way to interact with each job row from the row itself.

Job statuses can have colors in order to better identify and distinguish what is the current status of your deployment. All our job filters are still available in the toolbar.

Click on job or go to Menu->Deploy to have a look to job dashboard. See full job log clicking on Menu->Log.

In the Topic list we simplified the toolbar moving topic actions under the “more options” menu . “More Options” basically covers any action not related to view display.

As with the monitor, we want the user to easily correlate deployments and topics, so this release includes a new column that assists users to determine the current status quickly.


Each circle icon has a specific meaning:: “MR” is Merged (green if the topic has been merged), “CI/CD” for Continuous Integration/Deployment, and “NB” indicates the release Nightly Build status.

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] – Cleanup and delete expired sessions in purge
  • [ENH] – Get free license website opened in new tab
  • [ENH] – Round user avatar
  • [ENH] – New server log colors
  • [ENH] – Publish internal plugins
  • [ENH] – Remove repository revisions in repository deletion.
  • [FIX] – Small profile changes
  • [FIX] – Rulebook sed operation tests
  • [FIX] – Allow all REPL languages unless role action limit it

What else is new?

We are now sharing our documentation on Github. We appreciated your valuable help and feedback to improve our documentation. Pull requests are welcome, just clone and/or submit them through our github site.

You can also directly edit the documentation through the documentation page.

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Thanks to everyone who participated in delivering these great release.

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