One of the great initiatives this year for Clarive is the new Bantotal-Clarive integration packaged into a ready-to-use solution and distributed directly through the new and exciting BDevelopers marketplace.

We’ve worked closely with DLYA, our partner and the vendor behind Bantotal, to create a comprehensive offering for Bantotal clients and prospects for setting-up a delivery toolchain on top of their Bantotal implementations. Clarive can be the perfect solution for you if:

  1. You and your organization would like to create a continuous delivery process around and for your Bantotal customizations and vendor packages and patches (called “zero deliveries”).

  2. Coordinate other DevOps pipelines already in place for non-Bantotal systems, but that need to be orchestrated with the rest of your banking core.

DevOps is key for making financial systems changes flow at faster speeds without sacrificing quality. The Bantotal platform can greatly benefit from launching DevOps initiatives.

  • managing and deploying to QA and preproduction environments

  • deploy and rollbacking out of production environments

  • orchestrating the deployment of dependent systems

  • making banking core and mission critical changes predictable and repeatable

  • promoting a culture of safer changes and feedback loops withing the teams that work around Bantotal

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or with the Bantotal team.

For more information, please read our Bantotal solution brief.