What is Clarive

Clarive is the only end-to-end DevOps platform for delivering software for organizations at any size and speed. Our product enables teams to code, track and deploy code as a single flow.

Key Technology Areas

We are a tech company after all, and these are some of the key technologies and specialty areas we are always driving our product into:

  • Programming languages – Clarive rules are DSL, Domain Specific Language, that
    opens a lot of possibilities (and a lot of internal discussions) on how a language
    should be structured.

  • DevOps – this is beyond obvious. We are a DevOps company. We create a DevOps tool for people that do DevOps. We love automation and/or one-click things. And, logically, we use Clarive internally to do lots more than just DevOps, like sales and marketing.

  • Release management – we deliver code every week. We believe in a fast cycle that keeps everyone on the edge. That speed requires taking release management to the next level. And making everything as lean as possible.

  • Git – we do a lot of research on how Git works internally to make it fast and secure. If you are going to work here, you got to love Git.

  • Docker – we’re doing a lot with Docker today – like everyone else in fact – but Docker is a core product technology now and Clarive drives Docker for DevOps.

  • Adventurous foreign systems – we love making our product work for the more extraneous platforms. From Mainframe to AIX to SAP to IoT, we are always learning from the legacy and new alike so that teams with alternative tech do not feel left out of DevOps.

Why Work at Clarive

We are an agile international team pushing hard to deliver the next platform for DevOps. If you love DevOps and want to put your ideas in practice, this is the place for you.

Available Openings

This is a list of our available openings. If you don’t see any position of interest listed here but feel you must work at Clarive, feel free to send you resume to [email protected] and a brief intro explaining why you think we should work with you.

Position Location
DevOps Engineer Global
DevOps Evangelist Global
NodeJS Engineer Spain
Business Developer Spain
Growth Hacker Spain