In this installment of this series we will review how Clarive drive popular z/OS SCM tools such as CA Endevor or Serena ChangeMan as part of your global DevOps pipeline.

Source code versioned in z/OS (Endevor or Changeman)

In this scenario, the source code to be deployed resides in the mainframe.

Selection of objects to deploy

Clarive will allow the development user to attach z/OS packages (Endevor orChangeMan) to the changesets for further processing.

z/OS packages

z/OS packages


z/OS repository

z/OS repository (Changeman ZMF)


Preparing Payload Elements

Clarive rules will define the logic to prepare the z/OS packages by executing either online or batch operations that are needed to prepare them (freeze,inspect, generate, execute, etc.)

Inspect package operation

Inspect package operation (Endevor)


Deployment of the elements

The deployment of the packages will be executed by Clarive by submitting the specific JCL to ship/promote/approve the packages included in the job changesets.

Ship package

Ship package (Endevor)


Endevor Ship package

Endevor Ship package sample output



Clarive rule will allow the administrator to define the way to rollback changes. In either Endevor and ChangeMan ZMF it will execute a Backout operation on each package included in the job.

Backout package

Backout package (Endevor)



Endevor and Changeman are powerful version control tools used in mainframe environments. Fundamentally, they have similar or equivalent workflows for the software configuration lifecycle but often these tools are used independently of the overall enterprise DevOps pipeline. DevOps implementations often leave them out, however they remain critical to deliver and run the critical areas of the business with much newer technologies.

With its mainframe orchestration capabilities, Clarive enables organizations with either tool to build better integrated pipelines that brings mainframe changes into the main Dev to Ops stream.

Stay tuned for the forth and final installment of these series!

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