In this video we will deploy Mainframe Cobol application with Clarive on the z/OS mainframe.

This will be done in a continuous way, meaning, Clarive will trigger the event of a developer pushing a revision to a GIT repository.
Event triggering invoked an event rule in Clarive.

That Rule searches the Clarive database for a Changeset with Status “In Dev”. If one is found, the newly pushed revision will be related to it.

If none found, a new changeset for the application will be created with the revision related. The changes to the sources for that revision can be seen from the Clarive UI.

Also a job will start to compile and Link the cobol sources on the mainframe.

Clarive traps the JES Spool output and makes it available in its UI. The job is generated by a versioned pipeline rule. In all of the video’s for all of the technologies(WAR, CA-Endevor package, .Net, Mobile apps) the same rule is invoked for all of the environments(DEV, QA, PreProd, PROD).

For any of the environments the application needs to be deployed to, the same pipeline rule will be used, assuring a very consistent way of deploying.

In a next video, the changeset with the mainframe Cobol revision will be related to a Release and together with changesets with other technologies(CA-Endevor package, WAR, .NET, mobile,…) deployed in the production environment, again using the same pipeline rule to generate the job.

This means that a single job will deploy multiple technologies to multiple platforms.

Visit our documentation to learn more about the features of Clarive.