Are you getting started with serverless code? Or are you already seasoned deploying to AWS Lambda? How fast and easy is it for you to setup a working pipeline for delivering code?

In this webinar you will discover how to go from 0 to deploying a serverless application with Clarive.

clarive serverless webinar

See how our end-to-end tool helps you organize and configure AWS Lambda functions code, configuration and pipeline execution, all encapsulated in a cloud DevOps workflow that is easy to setup and great to track from function to production.

Join us and discover with Kris Dugardyn, Principal DevOps Architect at Clarive, how you can:

  • Organize and push Lambda code to Clarive
  • Write a rulebook that automates build, test and deployment of Lambda code
  • See how to configure especial environment variables for multiple environments and track functions as they deploy
  • Create features and bug topics as your app flows increases
  • Track your deployment pipeline with boards

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