We’re pleased to present our latest Clarive SE release 7.0.9.

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements from 7.0.8.

New settings menu

The product team is constantly working on further improving the Clarive UI, with a special focus on user friendliness to new users. This has also been the case in this release.

First of all, we improved the Config option in the Admin menu. We improved the interface and renamed it into Settings, see below:


In this new design we divided general configuration into sections, allowing users to see all options more clearly and intuitively.

Rulebook shell multiline

Rulebooks are one of the most unique features in Clarive so we are further improving it to make them even more flexible and usable. This release adds multiline capability in the shellcommand, so users are now able to write rules like:

- shell: |
ls -lart
echo hello > hi.txt
cat hi.txt

Or simpler:

- |
ls -lart
echo hello > hi.txt
cat hi.txt

Change username and email in Preferences

Prior to this new release, if a user wanted to change username or email address, the tool Administrator needed to be contacted as only this person could do it.

We added in our latest release under user preferences two new fields allowing users to change their username and

Move artifacts menu from Tools to Deploy

Ease of use comes with predictability. We want to achieve this without losing the essential capabilities of the product.That’s why the product team has been reviewing menu consistency with the focus of making it more intuitive and clear where options are to be found in the lefthand side menu.

As s result, we have removed the Tools option in left panel and added Artifacts in Deploy menu.

Improvements and issues resolved in this release

  • [ENH] – Improvements in rulebooks documentation
  • [ENH] – Ext-to-React panel now supports ES6
  • [ENH] – New Dockerfile for supporting both adduser and useradd containers
  • [ENH] – Custom antd components
  • [ENH] – Rename clone URL button
  • [ENH] – Admin user has group permissions on initial load
  • [FIX] – Force Clarive migrations in default config file
  • [FIX] – Admin user email is saved in cla setup
  • [FIX] – Jail dump file op in rulebooks
  • [FIX] – Wider revision column in revision fields
  • [FIX] – “Ship a file remotely” op show confirm window before overwrite existing file
  • [FIX] – Update number of rows in topic grid when topics are deleted
  • [FIX] – Fix position of Gauge dash let

Visit our documentation to learn more about the features of Clarive.