In this video we will deploy CA-Endevor packages with Clarive on the z/OS mainframe

Not only deployment of CA-Endevor packages is covered but also the realtime integration beween Clarive and CA-Endevor. With that integration the content of packages can be visualised in Clarive, CA-Endevor reports can be ran agains the elements of a package, What changes are made in the sources can be seen, relationship with other elements can be tracked….etc

The approved packages(casted on the mainframe) become available for dragging and dropping in a Clarive Changeset and will be deployed to environments as QA, PreProd, and PROD using a pipeline rule to generate the deployment job.
For any of the environments the package needs to be deployed to, the same pipeline rule will be used, assuring a very consistent way of deploying.

In a next video, the changeset with the CA-endevor package(s) will be related to a Release and together with changesets with other technologies(WAR, .NET, mobile,…) deployed in the production environment, again using the same pipeline rule to generate the job.

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