During his session about Lean Application Delivery, Eddy Pauwels spoke about DevOps being very similar to marriage: You want to unite 2 distinct entities (Dev and Ops, or man and woman) into something that adds more value (DevOps, or “married couple”). As within marriage, this is a cultural/behavioral journey without an end; it requires constant investment and adaptation. Every married person knows that this can only happen if you can communicate/collaborate well with each other.

It is no different in implementing DevOps: Dev and Ops, consisting both of teams and people that are globally spread today, and are using a long set of siloed tools, need to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate around any topic in the application delivery process and share assets between them.

An organization can only start the DevOps journey when this is addressed.

Clarive Software is the only vendor that truly offers such a hyper-flexible collaboration platform, adding value to both Dev and Ops, and supporting the bimodal IT Enterprise.

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