Clarive Test

A test plan is an essential part of software development. It is a must if you want to get devs and ops people on the same page. As a guide and a workflow, it reinforces your projects success detecting potential flaws in advance. Tracking is also an important part of the testing process, as changes are applied, the test plan should be updated.

Unit test, code QA, performance test, integration and regression test are some of the most common types of software testing, and in some cases they are even compulsory to apply as a previous step to a production deployment.

With Clarive you can create a QA workflow that combines manual and automated steps, creating test plans automatically on a pull-request/merge-request, which in Clarive can actually be any changeset (user stories, features, bugfixes, etc.). Test plans can then be used to automate test validation.

Like in all software development processes, it’s necessary that each code revision go through a proper testing process to ensure the quality of the product.

Automating test plan creation

You can also create test plans automatically along with the included changes in the version to be released. This feature is capable of detecting the modified files by the developer, create a plan with the test cases (automated and manual tests) that have impact over the modified/created functions and link them to the release. Clarive will only add the test cases that are directly affected by one of the functionalities modified in the release.

This way Clarive creates a test plan suitable for each release and if the user wishes to, automate the test cases and depending on the results execute the required actions.

Download our whitepaper: The Value of DevOps for Test & Quality Managers and learn more about how to minimize the risk of product failure with Clarive.