We are proud to announce the release of Clarive Standard Edition 7.0.

This is the first release of the new Standard Edition series. With this release, Clarive is now available as 2 different products: Standard Edition (SE) and Enterprise Edition (EE).

Standard Edition

Clarive Standard Edition is an end-to-end platform that comes pre-configured with a complete DevOps lifecycle.

Clarive SE is broken down into three versions: Community, Team and Biz. Each one differs mostly on the team size and needs: Community is free but limited to 25 users or nodes, Team is unlimited but users can create projects freely. Finally, Biz brings in the security permissions and LDAP integration a larger team requires.

clarive branching release

Clarive SE is also very affordable, starting at only $2 per user or node per month.

Enterprise Edition

Clarive Enterprise Edition is our hyper-flexible application delivery platform for the evolving enterprise.

Clarive EE is packed with features for customizing the platform for our clients.

  • Reporting and insights

  • Visual rule designer, with dashboards by role, custom topic behavior and complex forms.

  • Step-by-step pipeline debugging.

  • Role, project and group security support multiple scopes.

  • Form field level security.

  • Enterprise connectors, such as SAP, Salesforce, Siebel and Mainframe.

And much more. Clarive EE is the only edition also distributed with a perpetual license.

Key Clarive 7 Features

This is a list of the key features of Clarive 7 SE.

Feature Description
Rulebooks Clarive rules can now be expressed with YAML files and loaded into a Git repository.
Standard Lifecycle Clarive comes with a set of topics out-of-the-box preconfigured.
Kanban revamp New Kanban UI design
Kanban swimlanes Kanban swimlanes allow users to rearrange topics by dragging and dropping between lanes.
Column Lists Kanban columns can be setup separately from its statuses.
Release integrity checks Releases are checked to see if all topics are merged and correctly integrated.
Push new branch → new topic Creates a new topic when a new branch is pushed.
Branch naming conventions Control branch names based on naming standards.
Continuous Integration preset No need to configure a CI pipeline. It comes out of the box now.
Environment groups Bundle environments so that they can behave alike
Node resources Now nodes are independent resources, easier to manage than Generic servers
Credential resources Credentials can now be managed as a separate resource
Cascade status configuration Topics change status in cascade accordingly to their parent topic

And many more! Please refer to our updated features page for more information.

Visit our documentation to learn more about the features of Clarive.