This release contains a lot of minor fixes and improvements from 7.0.12. It is also focus on refactoring interface improving the kanban boards.

Git repositories navigation on a tab

In Clarive 7.0.13 you can find a new Git repository navigation panel completely refactored. You can view sources, navigate branches and tags, compare references and much more.

To access the new interface, just navigate to the project in the left panel, expand it and click on the repository node.

Repository Navigation

Load default data by profile

Now any Clarive profile (a profile is a predefined set of topic categories, rules and roles that can be loaded in Clarive) can include default data as part of it.

ClariveSE profile now includes a sample-html project and two releases with several changes on them. It also automates the launch of 3 deployment jobs to INTE, TEST, and PROD.

To get the profile and the default sample data installed, execute cla setup <profile> and answer yes to the question Load default data?. Once you start the Clarive server it will automatically load the profile and the default data.


Kanban Board improvements

Custom card layout

You can now configure the layout of the cards of your Kanban Boards to show the information that you really want to focus on. To configure the layout, go to the board Configuration and select Cards Layout.

Cards Layout

Auto refresh

In the Quick View options panel (click on View button), now you’ll find a switch to toggle the Auto Refresh for this board. It will be updated with changes in the topics shown whenever the board tab is activated.

Auto refresh

Save quick view by user

In Clarive 7.0.13 the options selected in the quick view menu will be saved locally in your browser storage so every time you open the board it will use the last swimlanes, autorefresh, cards per list, etc. configuration you used.

Predefined statuses by list

Whenever you create a new board, it will be created with three default lists and now it will assign default statuses to these three lists with the following rules:

  • New: Initial statuses
  • In Progress: Normal statuses
  • Done: Final and Cancelled statuses

Killtree when job is cancelled

One of the most important improvements of Clarive 7.0.13 is the ability to kill/cancel the remote processes being executed by a job when this is canceled from the interface.

Auto Important

You can read about this new feature in this blog post

Improvements and issues resolved

  • [ENH] Git repositories navigation on a tab
  • [ENH] Clax libuv adaptation
  • [ENH] NPM registry directory new structure
  • [ENH] Add rulebook documentation to service.artifacts.publish
  • [ENH] Return artifact url on publish
  • [ENH] Invite users to Clarive
  • [ENH] Load default data by profile
  • [ENH] Users can choose shell runner for rulebooks
  • [ENH] Kill job signal configured in yml file
  • [ENH] Add default workers configuration to clarive.yml file
  • [ENH] Boards shared with “ALL” users
  • [ENH] Kanban custom card fields
  • [ENH] Killtree when job is cancelled
  • [ENH] Kanabn boards auto refresh
  • [ENH] Make sure to save kanban quick view session
  • [ENH] Filter data according to filter field in Topic Selector fieldlet
  • [ENH] Make sure new created boards have default lists
  • [ENH] Add date fields to card layout configuration
  • [FIX] Check user permissions in service.topic.remove_file
  • [FIX] Make sure user with permissions can access to rule designer
  • [FIX] Make sure CI permissions are working correctly
  • [FIX] Make sure that the ci grid is updated after the ci is modified
  • [FIX] Control exception when running scripts.
  • [FIX] Change project_security structure on user ci
  • [FIX] User without project field permissions can edit the topic
  • [FIX] Make sure React apps work in IE 11
  • [FIX] Show cis in create menu (standard edition)
  • [FIX] Administrator should be able to delete artifacts in ClariveSE
  • [FIX] When publishing NPM packages with scopes tarball is empty
  • [FIX] Make sure default values from variables are used when adding them
  • [FIX] Make sure notifications are sent only to active users
  • [FIX] Make sure to show username in “Blame by time” option for rules versions
  • [FIX] Remove default values when changing type of variable resource
  • [FIX] Allow single mode in variables resources
  • [FIX] Escape “/” in URLs for NPM scoped packages from remote repositories
  • [FIX] Avoid console message when opening a variable resource with cis set as default values
  • [FIX] Regexp for scoped packages should filter ONLY packages, not tgzs
  • [FIX] Refresh resources from url
  • [FIX] Create resource from versioned tab
  • [FIX] Make sure remote script element always display a final message
  • [FIX] Save variable when deleted default value field in a variable resource
  • [FIX] Make sure topic’s hidden fields are available as topicfields bounds
  • [FIX] Save resource when it does not have to validate fields
  • [FIX] Make sure projects can be added as kanban swimlanes
  • [FIX] Make sure changeset with artifact revision attached can be opened
  • [FIX] Make sure narrow menu repository navigation show changes related to branch
  • [FIX] Formating event data if fail service used
  • [FIX] Make sure that the chosen element is always selected in the rule tree.
  • [FIX] Reload data resource when refreshing
  • [FIX] Job distribution and las jobs dashlets should filter assigned projects to user
  • [FIX] Make sure user combo not have avaible grid mode in topic.
  • [FIX] Make sure that system user are showed in combo users
  • [FIX] Display column data in edition mode for a Topic Selector fieldlet in a topic
  • [FIX] Filter projects in grids by user security
  • [FIX] Make sure in topic selector combo all height size are available
  • [FIX] Ship remote file: show log in several lines
  • [FIX] Skip job dir removal in rollback
  • [FIX] Remove FilesysRepo Resource
  • [FIX] Remove permissions option from user menu
  • [FIX] Make sure when maximized description and choose back in the browser screen layout are showed well
  • [FIX] Remove session when user get deactivated
  • [FIX] Resources concurrency
  • [FIX] Validate CI Multiple option just with type ci variables
  • [FIX] Resource not saved when validation fails
  • [FIX] Make sure that the combos search has an optimal performance.
  • [FIX] Make sure ldap authentication returned messages are available in stash
  • [FIX] Show date and time in fieldlet datetime
  • [FIX] User session should not be removed on REPL open
  • [FIX] User with action.admin.users should be able to edit users
  • [FIX] Make username available in dashboard rules execution
  • [FIX] Make sure collapsing lists saved in user session correctly

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