DevOps Engineer


Clarive Software is looking for a full-time DevOps engineer. You will be responsible for our cloud environments and to improve each day the performance about. Some of your responsibilities will be:

  • Design and implement better ways to explore and manage large graph data with NoSQL databases.

  • Extend the product to new platforms and create plugins to integrate with leading edge technologies.

  • Improve our work queue system visibility and monitoring.

  • Manage the product API, creating maintaining the CLI and REST interfaces.

  • Continuously optimize server, agent and web client performance, proposing new architectural schemes, libraries and languages.

  • Long experience in create AWS optimizations.

  • Lead engineering team of our cloud systems.

We’re a rapid-growth, international software company, creating exciting, leading-edge products for release management and DevOps automation.

Primary work languages are English and Spanish.

Required Skills

  • Docker container design and maintenance

  • Full skilled cloud engineer with deep knowledge of AWS preferred

  • JavaScript/ES6 and automation with YAML-based and shell languages.

  • NoSQL experience with MongoDB, Redis or similar.

  • Proficiency with VCS concepts and tools such as Git.

Desired Skills

  • Writing job queues, handling large files and and log data.

  • Creating a network agents or workers.

  • Familiarity with ITIL concepts and infrastructure automation and configuration tools.

What to do next?

Just like we are going to screen your resume, you should spend sometime doing the same with us.

  • Visit our website to familiarize with what we do. If you get selected into the process, we are going to make you a lot of questions about our product, message and key ideas. Your ability to learn our concepts is very important as we realized that is a key factor for the success of our team members.
  • This is not required, but if you have the time, request a free cloud instance and play around with it.
  • If, and only if, you feel working at Clarive is something you really want to do, then send your updated resume to [email protected].