DevOps Platform for the Evolving Enterprise

Clarive Enterprise is a leading ARA tool used by large organizations and complex deployments


Demand Management

Manage all possible sources of change from a single centralized point. Maintain traceability between the software installed in production and the impact that caused the changes in this version.


Be on top of things with a centralized, top-level view of the full application lifecycle and delivery management, visualizing the most important milestones on the way and detecting delays and downtime easily.

Configuration Management

Manage all application infrastructure from a single point. Always know what relationships exist between any configuration item and your application needs. Make provisioning easier, releases meticulously complete and improve time-to-market dramatically.

Delivery Management

How to deliver software on time? Plan your software releases with simple and controlled deployments that are queued by schedule constraints.


Who? When? and Why? – Never again doubt the changes in production environments. With Clarive all steps are documented through strict security checks to identify changes.


Maintain physical environments (servers) and logical information (code repository) synchronized, ensuring that the source-code matches the binary.

Code Quality

Check the code quality before, during or after a job, blocking jobs that do not meet quality standards set by thresholds and orchestrating the best tools on the market.

Phased Deployment

Clarive sets the process flow to be implemented at each stage of the cycle, ensuring that the changes go through all the filters needed to maintain consistency and stability.


With Clarive calendars, you can schedule the deployment job for specific dates and time windows depending on the technology chosen.


Restore the service as quickly as possible by backing out all the components in the production environment with a previous snapshot or by rolling back individual items.


Controls access to shared resources, application servers and databases. Run manual steps in an orderly manner while keeping everything centrally logged.


Clarive manages approvals and sign-offs for standard and non-standard processes.

Become successful with DevOps in an evolving enterprise

DevOps is “hot”. Many organizations are in the process of implementing DevOps or are allocating budget to do so in the near future. There is no analyst not writing about DevOps today. But at the same time we still see a lot of confusion around what DevOps  is all about.With this eBook, we will provide the reader with our view on DevOps, and share our 7 step strategy for successful DevOps implementations within evolving enterprises.Do you want to read more? Ask for our eBook NOW!

Practical Assessment Guide for DevOps readiness within a hybrid enterprise

DevOps remains a hot topic. Almost every organization is doing DevOps one way or the other. But we see many larger enterprises struggling to gain traction.
Do they struggle because of their architectural and organizational complexity? Because of the multitude of different processes and tools they have to support? Because the lack of end-to-end transparency of their delivery processes…?

Losing Your Religion: How to Move Past Dogma and Bring DevOps and ITIL Together in the Enterprise

The truth is that the modern IT organization needs elements from both DevOps and ITIL in order to effectively operate in a world which demands that IT manage a delicate balance. Organizations demand IT to operate at various speeds (in terms of rate of change) and to balance between the need for speed and agility on the one hand and stability and reliability on the other. They have therefore attempted to create isolated instances, using DevOps and CI/CD for their most value-delivering applications (that demands speed and agility), but using more traditional approaches for the bulk of their day-to-day deployment management.
This Intellyx whitepaper by Charles Araujo tell us the Secret to Find Balance: Automation & Integration

OVUM decision matrix – Devops Release Management Solution

In March 2016, OVUM released an updated version of their ODM report: “Selecting a DevOps Release Management solution 2016-2017”, written by Michael Azoff.

“Release management is part of ALM, and Ovum expects a new generation of ALM products to appear that offer a single, holistic, and integrated box, comprising an ALM solution with a full DevOps Release Management capability. Clarive and Microsoft Team Foundation Server already provide this. Most of the solutions covered in this report are distinct products that are not part of such a single integrated ALM box, but a number of vendors (IBM, CA Technologies, and HPE) offer integrated solutions across their ALM portfolio. ”

Bank Sabadell Case Study

“Clarive was the best tool for the job given its flexibility and power.
Clarive’s Release Automation exceeded our expectations, enabling quicker deliveries and orchestrating testing with HP Quality Center integration.”

Susana Soler, Release Manager at Banc Sabadell

Learn how Clarive allows you to manage your end-to-end Release Mgmt process in a non-disruptive way, by orchestrating the current tools you like and fixing the gaps you have.

Jazztel Case Study

“Using Clarive’s Top-Down Release Management support we were able to speed-up our release delivery by over 60%, reducing operational costs and overall process latency.”

Sarai M. Buil, Configuration Manager at Jazztel, Spain

Learn how a single-tool, flexible and end-to-end DevOps solution can contribute to a significant reduction in workload, improving visibility and control.

Corporate Overview

We have designed and built a new solution, based on our close to 20 years of practical experience in ALM, Release and Deployment Management at many clients around the world.

We have proven that is possible to create an end-to-end, automated, Lean Application Delivery cycle that truly allows Development and Operations to collaborate together in a traceable and affordable way, with automation value to both teams.

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The Value of DevOps for Test & Quality Managers

To minimize risk of production failures, you should not only validate service or application business logic, but also its supporting provisioning and deployment logic …

Clarive has been designed to support testing and Quality Assurance to address the most common delivery challenges faced, if you want more information, fill the form below and you will get a free copy!

Solution Brief

Developing and delivering applications in a repeatable way, with the expected quality and at the speed of business is hard these days. As applications are the corner stone in the overall business process, more demand is being put on them. Automation is key to increase time-to-market!

We have designed and built a new solution, based on our close to 20 years of practical experience in ALM, Release and Deployment Management at many clients around the world which is different than the DevOps tools you have seen today.

ROI Potential Brief

Do you also want to save over 75% of your annual spent on release management?

Do you also want to reduce the number of production failures due to unauthorized or untested modifications by up to 75%?

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Do you want to know how and where our customers are experiencing the most ROI by using Clarive?

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Partner Success Story

We provide a highly flexible ALM and DevOps integration and collaboration bus, combined with a unique rule-based engine that supports workflow and deployment rule creation at the right level of granularity.

In addition, to support agility, visibility, and control, the tool supports rule versioning, rule change tracking, and extensive reporting and dashboarding capabilities. Thanks to the above, Clarive added significant value to VASS.