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In March 2016, OVUM released an updated version of their ODM report: “Selecting a DevOps Release Management solution 2016-2017”, written by Michael Azoff.

The report focuses on the automation aspects of DevOps, DevOps release management, by which they mean release management, orchestration, and automation. Vendors covered differ in what they offer in one product/box or split between multiple products. The report compares solutions from the leading release management vendors in the market and provides decision guidelines and comparison criteria.. Finally, the document explains what DevOps means for those unfamiliar with the concept and takes a look at the evolution of DevOps and the technologies it is pushing forward, principally microservices architecture and the use of virtual containers.
Definitely a great value document to read and use when you want to implement a solid DevOps Platform.
Clarive is a relatively new player in the DevOps market with one of the highest performing solutions in the ODM”


“Release management is part of ALM, and Ovum expects a new generation of ALM products to appear that offer a single, holistic, and integrated box, comprising an ALM solution with a full DevOps Release Management capability. Clarive and Microsoft Team Foundation Server already provide this. Most of the solutions covered in this report are distinct products that are not part of such a single integrated ALM box, but a number of vendors (IBM, CA Technologies, and HPE) offer integrated solutions across their ALM portfolio. ”


DevOps – Another IT buzzword?

DevOps – Another IT buzzword?

it-buzzwordOur VP Of Sales EMEA, shared this post in his LinkedIn account, have a look!

Upsizing, downsizing, right-sizing, Client – Server, Fat Client, Thin Client, open source, outsource, enterprise integration, enterprise management, business process re-engineering, business process management.  A few of the buzzwords we have created in the industry in my memory.  Now we have DevOps!  So is it hype or reality?  The speed of business is changing.  Moving ever faster and requiring more flexibility to compete with the challenges of  new companies that are not held back by legacy.  Agility is seen as key to long term survival and short term profit.  So now the focus of attention has turned to the once dark corner of the data centre.  The interface between development and operations and how implementing a DevOps strategy can potentially offer a route to flexibility and agility.

Here is an interesting article from the Register

There are many many tools in the DevOps market already.  Some which organisations have already invested in and have tried to hand stitch together.  At Clarive we provide a platform that orchestrates what you already have and fills in the gaps of the things you don’t have.  The Clarive platform allows organisations in transition between traditional waterfall development methodologies to agile and allows all of the people to use the same tool.  The key thing though is flexibility – allowing for changes in tools, business and process.  So maybe this is DevOps Enterprise Integration Process Management right-sized in the cloud? (don’t quote me!  I am joking!)

Richard Wall – VP Sales EMEA

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