Why Clarive ?



And why is it interesting?

So, what’s the problem?

High complexity, high diversity, fast changing

  • Deploying is hard, rollbacks are harder.
  • Dependencies among applications, architectures, software and hardware
  • Windows, Unix, Mainframe
    • a large organization (>100 IT people) has around 30-50 different languages
    • then all the other technologies: [fill in with acronyms]
  • DevOps still very technical for Ops and time consuming for Devs. Ops need to focus on ops.

Well-served market, uneven interop

  • Lot’s of tools for lifecycle management, another bunch for DevOps, plus market segmentation:
    • configuration management: Puppet, Chef
    • issue management, helpdesk
    • project management
  • ALMs are aging. And with them version-control repositories.
  • Keeping the toolchain from breaking apart is hard.
  • Needs good in-house DevOps champion.
  • Lack of governance and high-level overview. Missing visualizations and operational facilities.

How do we solve the problem?

Orchestrating means just one tool

  • One tool, one framework, one platform
  • Backbone concept, we are the IT bus
  • Framework concept: one place to work, debugging and REPL. Think of Clarive as the an IDE for DevOps.
  • Enable Continuous Delivery with:
    • provenance check
    • quality gates
    • approvals
    • scheduling

other advanced control features so that the process can be trusted. – Let us be the DevOps champion.

Great tech inside

Think big-data, think graph database.

We use MongoDB as our data store. Even though MongoDB is not really a graph database, that’s the kind of data structure we use internally and it works great. Why? Because we need to tie every configuration item to every configuration item. It needs to be limitless.

The IDE concept is also important. Ops need a place to work. Devs have Eclipse. So Clarive is like Eclipse, only it’s on the web.

Why are we unique? Why are we qualified to solve the problem?

Our background is the right mix:

  • ALM tools from enterprise vendors
  • Lots of DevOps experience
  • Project management experience
  • From Windows, to Unixes, to Mainframe, we’ve seen it all

Our Customer

These are some of our “customers”:

Chaos Corp. 250 apps, 12 languages, 2 CRMs, Oracle, App Servers, 5 database technologies, 2 recent acquisitions, SAP, Portals, can’t get rid of Mainframe, now must go mobile, no process. CIO is going mad. Help!
New Process Old Tools, Inc. We just designed this new state-of-the- art process, we’re ready to start changing and automating, but our tools are outdated or we’re missing some pieces here and there.
Release Nightmare, Ltd. We’re tired of spending all-nighters deploying software, rollback is crazy, ops is opaque, lot’s of money spent on overtime and contractors, lot’s of meetings and emails.
We Mature, PLC. We need to be able to track changes from request to production, unify technologies, make everything auditable and high quality.

Forward looking: our roadmap

Clarive is right now only 10% of what Clarive will be.

  • AI and machine learning.
  • Better collab.
  • Project management, better scheduling and timesheet.
  • More and more visualizations.
  • Easy to get started.

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