How We Are Different


Clarive provides a highly customizable, pragmatic solution for End-to-End Lean Application Delivery at an affordable price.

Its unique rule-based approach to workflow, release and deployment management, makes it adaptable to organizations of any size or release processes of any complexity without additional external scripting.

These are Clarive’s top 5 differentiators:

1. Clarive is the only tool covering such a wide-range of deployment platforms, from legacy to new, including mainframe, open systems, Unix, Linux, databases, ERPs, CRMs, and every platform you thought DevOps was not made for.

2. While most DevOps tools have a focus on Agile, Clarive was designed to support bimodal IT organisations. Check out for example our support for top-down and bottom-up release management.

3. Hyper flexible and granular deployment automation. Clarives supports cross platform deployment automation at a flexible level of abstraction, yet without any additional external scripting required.

4. Clarive combines Application and Service Lifecycle Management, release and deployment automation and configuration management into a SINGLE-TOOL using a single big data database. This design offers our consumers unparalleled end-to-end insight into their Lean Application Delivery processes. Clarive is even capable to “replay” what happened during a period of time. This level of dynamic intelligence is unique in the DevOps market but a cornerstone for innovation and process improvement.

5. Clarive is designed for continuous improvement. All Clarive configuration objects are version controlled. This includes the transition, and deployment rules as well as any fields, forms, reports, and dashboards. A full change history is available as well as change/blame reporting for ultimate agility and controlled improvement support.

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