delivery process

From a process dimension perspective organizations need to think about questions like:

  • Do the processes used and process steps performed truly add value to the customer?
  • Why are we doing what we are doing?
  • Is this the best way of doing this?
  • How are the processes currently being conducted and what are the possible ways for improvement?
  • Is there enough “flow” in the end-to-end application delivery process, or where are the bottlenecks?

In the context of application delivery, organisations need to review their application delivery process:

  • How many manual steps are involved?
  • How many environments and tools are included to be taken into account?
  • How many interfaces and dependencies?
  • How much is the delivery process automated?

In order to get visibility into the delivery process, an organisation needs to have insight and objective measurements to assess the current situation. Often DevOps processes are highly manual and done by a select set of resources, usually focusing on “their part of the job”, which makes this task not trivial. There often is a lack of end-to-end insight and traceability. Within Lean Application Delivery one should look at the end-to-end processfrom a customer perspective. For most organisations the end-to-end Application delivery process is not transparent or often not even repeatable.

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