One can only improve and do better when one knows the current situation. An improvement is always in relation to a previous state. These are principles from Six Sigma that have been adopted within Lean IT. Behavior is the focus of making sure that you measure performance, and set the right KPI’s to trigger behavior. This is the focus of the Performance dimension.

In context of DevOps and Lean Application Delivery the following questions should be considered:

  • How does an organisation measure the end-to-end delivery process today?
  • Can it “connect ALL the dots”?
  • Can KPI’s on the application delivery process be set so that they relate to customer value?

Time-to-market is also linked to performance. What is the lead-time between requirement and actual delivery in production? Is this the most optimal? If organisations want to move from releases per year, to releases per month, or per day, or even per hour, more automation is required across the delivery cycle, all well orchestrated across all platforms.

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