The focus in the organization dimensions is around the organisational setup and collaboration amongst the people.

In the context of DevOps, the following questions should be asked:

  • How does the development team collaborate with the Operations team?
  • How are deliverables being exchanged?
  • How is progress being tracked for releases or on development?
  • How do you coordinate deployment across the different environments?

From Lean IT and Agile techniques and principles organisations have learned to use Kanban, daily, and weekly boards, or improvement boards. At the same time there is a trend of delivery teams being more located in different locations so that the initial whiteboard techniques are less easy to implement. Because each team in the application delivery chain often has the freedom of choice in tool selection and way of communication, synchronising across team boundaries often is a pain. The result is that confusion and errors are introduced and time is “wasted” or “lost in translation.”

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