Of the the biggest challenges in improving the delivery processes for applications and services today is obtaining getting accurate end-to-end real-time insight into all processes. Why is that? Many organizations face the following:

  • Different tooling is used for different parts of the delivery process. Sometimes different tooling is used even during the same part of the delivery process. This is caused by giving delivery teams too much freedom in selecting their toolset and a lack of standards.
  • Tools used are not that well integrated and their data does not aggregate well to get an end-to-end perspective.
  • As a result, often data is extracted and transformed using data warehousing or ETL techniques to build up an insight/intelligence capability. Getting real-time insight is as such hard to achieve.
  • Due to the use of different non-integrated solutions, building up and maintaining the right relationships and dependencies is often a challenge as well. This reduces impact and dependency analysis capability needed to understand the delivery process and progress.

You need a collaboration and integration platform that is able to capture, exchange and relate the right information needed to really understand what is happening in the delivery process. On top of that, such a platform should provide flexibility in the way the information can be analyzed, and this for every stakeholder in the process.



Clarive provides end-to-end real-time and dynamic insight into all delivery processes and does this in the following ways:

  • We allow you to create interactive dashboards at role, application, and even topic/ticket level (such as release, project, sprint, etc) at status and activity level. Data can be ticket/topic and/or job related.
  • We provide lifecycle support for dashboards and reports, so they are version controlled and have change tracking.
  • We allow you to “replay” the activities performed within a selectable period of time. This capability is of real value when you want to (for example):
    • Identify bottlenecks or improvement areas in a process
    • Understand the impact of late project or requirement additions in a release scope
    • Investigate the reason for a bad quality release, generating many incidents

Take a look at our Youtube channel for some examples of how Clarive can provide insight  HERE

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