Configuration Management


Configuration management (CM) in essence provides you with a detailed recording of all relevant information that describes your enterprise’s assets and their relationships. These can be hardware and software.

As such a good configuration management system provides an accurate “model” of your real-life situation. In addition to recording, it should also manage all possible changes to this information. This is not only key for auditing purposes, but also for transparency and efficient team collaboration.

Some observations in configuration management today:

  • Many teams are working globally, and therefore assets need to be shared and processes need to be managed globally.
  • If teams have the freedom of choice, often multiple configuration management solutions are being deployed and setting up and maintaining relationships between configuration items become a challenge.
  • The more time an organization has invested in a configuration management solution, the more difficulties they perceive to switch to something else. This is related to data and history migration and required updates in interfaces with other tools and processes.

Clarive is designed to support configuration management is a number of ways:

  • Clarive ships with an enterprise version of Git to provide a word-class decentralized solution that meets security requirements.
  • Clarive is flexible to support any existing configuration management solution that your teams are already using today and which they wish to continue to use instead. Examples include: Serena Changeman, SVN, CVS, Serena Dimensions, IBM Clearcase, progress, CA Endevor, to name a few.


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