Release 6.8.5

The Clarive team is pleased to announce the launch of its product release 6.8.5. This latest release comes with a range of new features, most notable of these being:

  • Kanban SLAs
  • Snapshotting: import snapshot in new systems
  • Project configuration templates
  • Tracked assets
  • New event for send email failure
  • User suspension

You can download the binaries for the new release at You will need a support user in order to be able to download the software. Please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] if you need a user account.


Clarive allows for the putting in place of SLAs associated with Topic Categories. These help in identifying thresholds exceeded by each Topic in its various lifecycle Statuses.

Kanban provides identification at a glance within each of its rows, including not only the Topic’s situation as shown in its current Status, but also its history.


Henceforth new instances may be created by importing existing ones via a snapshot file taken from a different Clarive instance. This aids in streamlining the configuration process for environments that we may wish to replicate.

The entire system or a selection of components that are of interest may be imported.


Setting variables can get tedious, it often being the case that different Projects can contain the same variables, together with identical values. By grouping project variables in an Environment Template we can streamline Project configuration. We can also use this to set the Environment in which these are available.

This new feature allows the User to create a template containing the variables and values according to Environment, which can be imported within Projects in order to complete their configuration.


Files sent to the servers can be checked for issues by activating the configuration tracking option in the Rule service.

In addition, files currently being tracked may be viewed within the Job:

This comes with the option of auditing files, which throws up an error should an issue arise with the file that is to be overwritten.


Until now it has been impossible to tell for sure whether an email generated by a notification has been sent properly. Clarive has come up with a solution to this problem with the development of a new event, allowing tracking of email send issues.

The event is triggered when the maximum number of failed attempts to re-send the email is reached.


This new feature allows suspension of active users in the tool, rather than their deletion, which makes it possible to keep hold of details of users no longer using the tool, as well as enabling their reactivation.

User deactivation results in the aforementioned user no longer having access to the tool and also no longer being able to interact with Clarive via his or her API key.

There are many more exciting features coming out this year, so please watch this space!

Open DevOps 2017

Open DevOps 2017: change, collaboration, improvement and much more

The second edition of Open DevOps has just successfully concluded. This year the event took place in Milan and Rome respectively on May 16th and 18th . At the meeting, participated international speakers and representatives from different companies to debate the concept of DevOps and in particular, which is the best strategy to adopt to integrate this highly debated, but slightly used method.

From the international speeches it emerged, that the train of change already started in many Companies. To reach it out, it is now necessary to introduce tools, strategies and a people mindset change.

Speaker’s face-to-face: practical cases

International speakers brought on the stage examples of how they changed their client’s IT through the implementation of DevOps solutions.

In the afternoon, during 20 min, one-to-one meetings, were available to answer questions about the specific company establishments of participants.

  • Carlos Sanchez Gonzales, Technical Engineer at CloudBees
  • Ilkka Turunen, Solution Architect at Sonatype
  • Eddy Pauwels, SVP Sales & Marketing at Clarive Software
  • Guillermo Villarrubia, Service & Presales Manager at Kiuwan
  • Yaniv Yehuda, Co-Founder and CTO at DBmaestro.


If you need to change your organization, people must change their mindset first”: let’s start from Digesting DevOps

At the end of the demo of Dev and Ops tools, introduced during the morning by the speakers, Rainfellows presented the Digesting DevOps. In a very funny and playful way, the two Lean and Agile experts, showed how to change people’s mindset towards intense cooperation between different organizational units.

open devops event

In conclusion, Open DevOps has been an event of shared experiences, tools, strategies and cultural changes, which all together set the step-by-step way to the DevOps.

Release 6.8 is out!

The Clarive team is very excited to announce the release of Clarive 6.8. Our new release brings a whole set of features and functionalities that take Lean Application Delivery to a new level.

Release Goals

The focus of the 6.8 release series is to improve the quality and intelligence of the delivery pipeline. We’re very committed to solving some of what we consider to be very important issues that impact on the quality and robustness of the DevOps toolchain, namely:

  • Error prevention, mitigation and guidance
  • Pipeline quality and completeness
  • Realtime DevOps debugging
  • Profiling and bottleneck detection

Root-cause Analysis

Eradicating errors is not just a tongue twister.

Your delivery pipeline is probably comprised of many different tools, technologies and resources. Even the most robust DevOps chains tend to encounter errors along the way, caused by compiler errors, application server issues or resource failures, like simple disk space errors downstream at endpoints in the network.

Clarive 6.8’s new root-cause analysis feature is a powerful tool to help deal with errors that can bring your pipeline to a standstill. Root-cause analysis helps identify why problems/errors happen when they happen:

  • From admin initiated remediation
  • From collaboration input
  • From Clarive’s own curated knowledge base

For example, in the screenshot below, Clarive interpreted an error, giving guidance to the user that “rebase was needed” (a dependency problem was detected in the Git repository prior to deploying the application):

Root-cause Analysis - new release

New root-cause configuration items can be configured to parse errors and give guidance on how to respond to errors. Root causes can be also recorded on-the-fly into the knowledge base for future, automatic matching.

DevOps Quality

Even the best DevOps automation has bugs. DevOps is about making it easy to deliver changes continuously with quality and speed. But how robust is your DevOps automation? What if you introduce changes to it that break build and deployment applications. DevOps has become part of the final product. You’ve just bankrupted the business!

Clarive 6.8 brings a pipeline static analysis checker that verifies how strong and resilient your automation is before you make changes. It will also make recommendations that help create more mature and safer logic:

  • Does it have a rollback procedure?
  • Did you make it a template or hard-coded variables
  • Is your pipeline modular or monolithic?
  • And many more, besides

DevOps Quality - new release

The static analysis of Clarive rules can be executed from the command-line every time a rule is saved. You can even prevent the rule from being saved if it has errors, helping making the whole system even more secure.

Pipeline Stage Profiling

Create pipeline stages and profile them by stage and operation type:

  • networking for testing and deploying
  • remote command profiling
  • DSL and local script profiling
  • Repository clone or checkout times
  • etc.

Pipeline Stage Profiling - new release

The stage visualizations can now be seen in the job monitor live. Clarive 6.8 stores historical profiling data so that you can profile the evolution, and prevent and detect bottlenecks ahead of time.

Step-by-Step Debugging

The new step-by-step debugger is one of the best new features coming out in the 6.8 series.

In this version you can watch how the deployment runs step-by-step, with live logs and standard error and output from endpoints, external integrated and orchestrated applications, databases, etc. All the scripts and rule logic executed externally, will be controlled from a single entry point – the Clarive DevOps platform.

deployment runs step-by-step - new release

Some of the key features of step-by-step debugging coming out in the 6.8 release series:

  • Breakpoints
  • Watch variables and stash
  • Change values before executing (in debug mode)
  • Repeat and rollback steps
  • Pause and connect to server from the web interface (!)
  • Dry-run and mock steps

Additional Enhancements

There many more, over one hundred, enhancements in Clarive 6.8. Here are some of them:

  • Job log streaming – logs are now streamed from the remote servers through the agents to the browser.
  • User groups are now part of security scopes
  • Project-specific pipelines
  • New scope events


There are many new plugins that will be covered in another series of posts, so stay tuned. But here are some new important additions and complete makeovers:

  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Siebel
  • Changeman ZMF
  • Endevor

Coming Up Soon

Clarive feature releases come out every month. The next release will bring important improvements in many areas, including:

  • New features for customizing dashboards and dashlet layout
  • Lean Delivery Boards, a new redesign of our current Kanban Boards
  • Our Docker “inception” runner, which lets you run the pipeline inside curated Docker imagest
  • More profiling options and reports
  • User-defined rules
  • Predictive analysis of errors
  • Pipeline test cases
  • Asset tracking features

And finally, a revamp of our UI that includes an improved and more fluid user experience.

the future is now with Clarive - future release

The new UI makes navigation more intuitive and quicker (with a navigation bar search).

There are many more exciting features coming out this year, so please watch this space!



Breaking News!

Clarive Software and CollabNet Announce Global Partnership to Jointly Develop and Deliver an Enterprise Class Modern Development Platform Leveraging Application Release Automation (ARA)

Collabnet_Clarive Partner

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (DevOps Enterprise Summit), Nov. 8, and LONDON, Nov. 22, 2016 – CollabNet (, a global leader in enterprise software development and delivery solutions that help customers create high-quality applications at speed, and Clarive Software, a leading provider of DevOps software that serves global organizations with critical and complex systems, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership. This global partnership grants CollabNet the right to offer Clarive solutions globally. CollabNet will also be the exclusive representative of Clarive Software and its solutions in the United States and Canada. The integrated solution will be available as both a hosted service and an on-premise solution.

“This partnership is another milestone in Clarive’s rapid growth and the company’s intention to increase trust and collaboration between development and operations through automation, integration and DevOps Intelligence,” says Rodrigo Gonzalez, CEO at Clarive Software. “CollabNet is an ideal partner because they understand the complexities and challenges of enterprise software development and their solutions focus on increasing collaboration, and transparency across tools and processes.

Together Clarive and CollabNet can deliver a new level of value to organizations that want to bring Development and Operations closer together through increased collaboration, integration, automation and visibility, across all platforms, all environments, and all development methodologies.

“We are pleased to announce this new partnership with Clarive” said Flint Brenton, CEO of CollabNet. “Software development is a critical success component for all organizations. Private and public sector organizations alike are looking for effective solutions to align software development with operations. CollabNet has long been at the forefront of delivering market leading solutions that enable the delivery of high quality software at speed.  The combination of Clarive and CollabNet solutions will now help organizations achieve their goals for continuous delivery by enabling the rapid deployment of releases.

Clarive Software is the leading provider of a DevOps solution for organizations that are evolving, rebalancing their application architectural landscape from a few highly interconnected architectures, to a number of loosely coupled micro services and adjusting the end-to-end delivery processes accordingly. CollabNet helps enterprises and government organizations develop and deliver high-quality software at speed.  Its flagship product, TeamForge®, is the industry’s leading open platform for enterprise software development, delivery, and collaboration.

The companies will go to market this year and customers in North America can contact CollabNet for information on Clarive solutions available to them.


7 tips for quality and timely application delivery


Clarive and Kiuwan want to talk to you about… well, applications: the cornerstone of business success in today’s demanding enterprises.


Are your applications happy with their life (cycle)? Are you happy with the way you manage that life cycle?

From inception to deployment in heterogeneous environments, you need to govern large application portfolios, manage the different types of risks associated with application development and deployment and make sure the processes complies with internal policies and DevOps initiatives.

If you are not completely happy with your applications way of life, with your life when it comes to manage your deployment process and the quality and security of your applications… we have some tips to get you closer to DevOps heaven and make you and your applications… yes, happy!

Can’t attend? Register anyway and you’ll receive the recorded webinar afterwards.

Register Now


Eddy Pauwels,
SVP Sales & Marketing, Clarive

Eddy Pauwels - SVP Sales & Marketing Clarive

Eddy Pauwels (SVP at Clarive Software) is an experienced IT professional. Eddy has a masters degree in computer science from the University of Brussels. During the past 25 years he specialized in Application and Service Lifecycle Management. Eddy is a respected coach within organizations to implement Agile, Lean IT and performance based service management principles.


Javier Salado 
Global pre-sales & International Partner Development, Kiuwan 

Javier Salado - Kiuwan

20 years of professional experience in project / product management and software development. In IT reference companies like HP, software factories and product companies in USA, Germany and Spain.

Clarive & DBmaestro – webinar on demand




Developing and delivering applications in a repeatable way, with the expected quality is a great challenge these days. In order to maximize business value at-the-speed-of-business, initiatives are being driven both by the development or delivery teams and by operations. They each have their own focus and specifics, but in essence they are both centered around: Collaboration and integration, automation, standardization and governance.

Join our joint webinar on June 21st at 11AM EDT to hear about creating an end-to-end, automated, Lean Application Delivery cycle that includes the database and truly allows Development and Operations to collaborate together in a traceable and affordable way.

We will review:

  • Best practices of Continuous Delivery for modern applications
  • DevOps Platform for the Evolving Enterprise
  • The reasons why the database is often left behind
  • Database Continuous Delivery, from development to build to deploy



Eddy Pauwels,
SVP Sales & Marketing, Clarive

Eddy Pauwels - SVP Clarive Software

Eddy Pauwels (SVP at Clarive Software) is an experienced IT professional. Eddy has a masters degree in computer science from the University of Brussels. During the past 25 years he specialized in Application and Service Lifecycle Management. Eddy is a respected coach within organizations to implement Agile, Lean IT and performance based service management principles.


Cindy Bean
Sr Software Consultant, DBmaestro 
cindy-beanSpent over 20 years working with various database management products for Oracle, SQL Server and other relational database systems as a DBA, product manager, and consultant


Emerasoft & Clarive event

First event in Italy, with Emerasoft!


Open DevOps: meet the leaders of the DevOps market.


OpenDevOps is the Italian event where to meet international experts and discuss together of Open Source and DevOps methodologies.

The event Open DevOps answers to the need of putting in contact DevOps and Open Source at an enterprise level and analyze the strategies for their integration.
In the afternoon participants will have the chance to schedule one-to-one meetings with the experts, where to deepen their interests.
The event is totally free.
If you wan to come, don’t hesitate to register at the event   HERE
And don’t miss the opportunity to schedule a one-on-one meeting with Eddy Pauwels (SVP Sales & Marketing at Clarive).

Tata & Clarive

tata-and-clariveTata and Clarive Software are delighted to announce a strategic partnership.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a global leader in IT services, digital and business solutions that partners with its clients to simplify, strengthen and transform their businesses. They ensure the highest levels of certainty and satisfaction through a deep-set commitment to their clients, comprehensive industry expertise and a global network of innovation and delivery centers.

TCS has been recognized by Brand Finance as one of the Big 4 Global IT Services Brands. Their continued industry-leading growth is a testament to the certainty our clients experience every day.

Clarive & Emerasoft

Clarive Software and Emerasoft announce a strategic partnership to provide the Italian market with a DevOps solution for End-to-End Lean Application Delivery


To hLOGO-3D-CMYK-300dpielp Italian customers to evolve their DevOps capabilities over the entire application lifecycle, Emerasoft signed a partnership with Clarive Software, a worldwide company which provides a single solution: Clarive.

Clarive is the only single-tool DevOps Lifecycle Management platform for the evolving enterprise, supporting Dev, QA and Ops on all their available platforms, from legacy to new, including mainframe, open systems, Unix, Linux, databases, ERPs, CRMs, cloud, internet of things, and mobile.

The Clarive platform provides end-to-end collaboration, orchestration, automation, integration and audit services with built in version control and change tracking, combined with ultimate real-time and dynamic insight.

Its unique rule-based approach to workflow, release and deployment management, makes it adaptable to organizations of any size or release processes of any complexity without additional external scripting. Learn more about Clarive.

Emerasoft mission is to provide its customers with new smart technologies and solve complex technical challenges. As leading distributor of application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions and consulting services in Italy, it is expanding its DevOps engagement and products suite with the best-class solutions.

“Emerasoft has found in Clarive the rising star of DevOps.  We are very excited to introduce this technology in the Italian market and help our customers to accomplish their DevOps transformation.” – Riccardo Bernasconi, Emerasoft CEO

“DevOps is hot today, and Clarive has the technology if you are transitioning to faster and better deliveries. But one cannot champion DevOps with only technology. We found in Emerasoft a very experienced and knowledgeable application delivery partner that is capable to configure Clarive and coach clients to DevOps success” – Eddy Pauwels, SVP Clarive  Software.

About Emerasoft

Emerasoft Srl is an Italian company which provides software products and services. Emerasoft supports DevOps methodologies and selects easy to use and smart technologies, designed to encourage an approach for working collaboratively anytime, anywhere. The company operates in the fields of automotive, telecommunication, manufacturing, publishing, bank and insurance, with customers such as Ferrero, CNH Industrial, Finmeccanica, Ferragamo, Juventus. For more information:[email protected]

About Clarive

Clarive Software is a Spanish company, founded in 2010 and named “DevOps Cool vendor” by Gartner in 2015. Clarive Software today has direct representation in Spain, Belgium, the UK, and the US. Through is rapidly expanding partner network, Clarive is represented in all continents.

For more information:[email protected]

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