Lifecycle Management


The lifecycle and the environment for the delivery and maintenance of Applications or Services can be described in many organizations today as follows:

  • Contributing resources are spread across different locations (often time zones apart).
  • Different specialized tools are used in different parts of the application delivery process.
  • Architectures are evolving to better support the agility and delivery speed requirements from the business.

As a result, collaboration and communication between the various stakeholders, the exchange of assets amongst them, and end-to-end insight into progress tracking is often a real challenge.

In addition, due to the change towards more loosely coupled architectures, you often face the challenge that different teams use different development approaches (Agile or waterfall based) which makes tracking “progress” difficult.


Clarive supports the Application Lifecycle Management process in the following ways:

  • We allow you to manage the collaboration and communication around any relevant discussion topic in your process.
  • We give you a single-tool environment to orchestrate the end-to-end process, interfacing bi-directionally with any of the current tools you wish to retain.
  • We can help you automate those parts of the lifecycle that can be automated, such as build, deploy, or testing so you can optimize time to delivery.
  • We allow you to start TODAY, even if you are still in transition or evolution from interconnected architectures towards more loosely coupled ones.
  • We ensure you can retain your investments made during and after the transition process. Clarive supports any development methodology and can bi-directionally interface with these technologies you want to retain.

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