Release 6.8.5

The Clarive team is pleased to announce the launch of its product release 6.8.5. This latest release comes with a range of new features, most notable of these being:

  • Kanban SLAs
  • Snapshotting: import snapshot in new systems
  • Project configuration templates
  • Tracked assets
  • New event for send email failure
  • User suspension

You can download the binaries for the new release at You will need a support user in order to be able to download the software. Please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected] if you need a user account.


Clarive allows for the putting in place of SLAs associated with Topic Categories. These help in identifying thresholds exceeded by each Topic in its various lifecycle Statuses.

Kanban provides identification at a glance within each of its rows, including not only the Topic’s situation as shown in its current Status, but also its history.


Henceforth new instances may be created by importing existing ones via a snapshot file taken from a different Clarive instance. This aids in streamlining the configuration process for environments that we may wish to replicate.

The entire system or a selection of components that are of interest may be imported.


Setting variables can get tedious, it often being the case that different Projects can contain the same variables, together with identical values. By grouping project variables in an Environment Template we can streamline Project configuration. We can also use this to set the Environment in which these are available.

This new feature allows the User to create a template containing the variables and values according to Environment, which can be imported within Projects in order to complete their configuration.


Files sent to the servers can be checked for issues by activating the configuration tracking option in the Rule service.

In addition, files currently being tracked may be viewed within the Job:

This comes with the option of auditing files, which throws up an error should an issue arise with the file that is to be overwritten.


Until now it has been impossible to tell for sure whether an email generated by a notification has been sent properly. Clarive has come up with a solution to this problem with the development of a new event, allowing tracking of email send issues.

The event is triggered when the maximum number of failed attempts to re-send the email is reached.


This new feature allows suspension of active users in the tool, rather than their deletion, which makes it possible to keep hold of details of users no longer using the tool, as well as enabling their reactivation.

User deactivation results in the aforementioned user no longer having access to the tool and also no longer being able to interact with Clarive via his or her API key.

There are many more exciting features coming out this year, so please watch this space!

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